Children’s Ministry

Kids at Ethos get a healthy dose of laughter, learning and love. Our children’s ministry is safe, caring, exciting and fun, and a place where kids will feel loved and encouraged. Our Sunday morning is anything but typical—after all, our gathering place is right outside a famous theater! Our time together always consists of active play time, a music and art session, snack time, and age-appropriate Bible storytelling that is both interactive and rooted in God’s love. We also offer take-home learning tools to help parents foster the growth of their children’s relationship with God. We are expanding our children’s program at Ethos, as we gradually add more children of various ages. Currently, we have three classes to meet the needs of our children. Our team consists of professionals and students in the fields of daycare, social work, and early child development, along with occasional parent-helpers. We tell parents which snack we plan to serve, and we are able to accommodate food allergy concerns. Infants can nap in their carriers and be held by team members once they awake. Also, children’s ministry team members can easily contact parents if they are needed, and parents can “sneak-peek” into our room to check on their kids. Click here to learn more about Christine Holt, our director of children’s ministries. Come visit us soon: your child will be warmly welcomed into our Sunday morning family!