Summertime in Chicago is the best. It’s that time for getting out and enjoying all the beautiful places and events that make our city so great, not to mention reconnecting with our friends and neighbors (who often feel like they disappear during the winter months).

This year, we want to encourage everyone at Ethos to “Savor the Summer” in Chicago by placing a special emphasis on being social and keeping things simple, all in the context of the sacred: i.e., a genuine thankfulness to the God who is so gracious to give us this time in this place.  To this end, this summer Ethos is going to try something new.

Specifically, during June and July our Sunday mornings will include a simplified time of worship—shortening our service to 10:00-10:45am—immediately followed by a potluck brunch, to which everyone is invited!

We are hoping that this format will allow us to connect with each other and build up our community, while also giving our tremendous helpers a little break.

We hope you’ll enjoy great times with Ethos friends and perhaps invite someone new to join us as we Savor the Summer, beginning June 4th.