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Glimpses of Grace: Grace Continued

Aug 06th, 2017
Rev. Justin Beach

Glimpses of Grace: Spiritual Sight

Jul 16th, 2017
Rev. Ron May

Glimpses of Grace: Grace in the Suffering

Jul 09th, 2017
Rev. Ron May

Glimpses of Grace

May 26th, 2017

The more we understand ourselves as human beings, the more we realize and appreciate our need for grace. So often, grace is what bridges the gap between insanity and sanity. Grace is the glue that makes the difference between relationships that shatter and relationships that stand the test of time. Unfortunately, as important as grace is, in our rapidly dividing and increasingly hostile world, grace often seems to be the one things that is in…

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Our Purpose

‘Ethos’ is the underlying sentiment that binds communities and cultures together, defining the way its people feel reality. To change a community or a culture, you must first change its ethos. As a Church ministering to the city of Chicago, that’s what we’re all about at Ethos. Scripture tells us the good news of Jesus Christ is a power – a force that can and will transform the very ethos of peoples, cultures, and communities. As individuals who are being transformed by this power, we seek similar enrichment and renewal for our city and culture.

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